Ngadjuri people lived in area
1843 Explorer Frome passed through the area and took bearing from the top of Flat Topped Hill (Mt Lock)
1845-47 Marchant family occupied land near Mt Lock and began running cattle on the Mannanarie Run
1856 Mannanarie Homestead built


Hundred of Mannanarie, County of Dalhousie proclaimed
1872 First sales of land on credit agreement
Settlers began to arrive on blocks
1874 Central place developed; church, store, private school and post office
1875 Speculation at greatest over possible railway extension from Jamestown to Yatina through Mannanarie
1877 Rabbits were a great nuisance to wheat growers
Some farmers became interested in non-agricultural jobs emerging in the town
1878 Public house was built
1879 Reported in the local newspaper that "...the surrounding country presents a charming prospect. Nature on all sides is decked in vernal robes and the Mannanarie Vale with its fine alluvial soil, healthy crops and undulating landscape is a scene both reassuring and beautiful."
1880 Church of England and Methodist Churches built
1882 More buildings and services established, including blacksmith, store, schools and residences, as well as roads

Hundred of Mannanarie added to Yongala District Council
Area affected by drought which lasted from 1881-86.


First councillors were elected
Several businesses formed a mining syndicate

1889 Many farmers exhausted in funds after the long drought
1891 Race Club formed
1893 Banks failed resulting in a depression
1896 Not enough support for Church of England > Demolished and public hall built on site
1898 Fertiliser beginning to be used
1903 First foxes seen in region
1908 Township grew smaller
1913 Telephone line connected from Jamestown to Mannanarie Post Office
1914 Time of drought and war
1916 Motor cars begin to be used
1918 Township consisted of: hall, school, post-office, three residences, store, blacksmith
1920 Increase in use of motor vehicles
1930 Depression - much unemployment, return to horsepower
1935 Hundred of Mannanarie under the management of local Government of Jamestown
First engine run harvesters used by farmers
1938 Wheat Prices lowest in Australia's history
1939 World War II, involvement by many locals
Wheat Board set up to control production and sale of wheat crop
1940 Rationing Introduced
1943 Interest in soil conservation increased through contour banking
Severe petrol rationing
1955 Black Sunday Fire - Mannanarie properties suffered severe losses
Aerial Spraying for grasshoppers introduced
1959 First Televisions transmissions
1962 Wheat silos constructed at Jamestown and Yongala
Increase in bulk handling of farming equipment
1963 Mannanarie road sealed
1966 Church closed
1967 240 volt ETSA electricity connected to district

Indian Pacific railway line passes through Hundred of Mannanarie
Mannanarie School closed

1972 Mannanarie Centenary of closer settlement


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